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Hearing Aid Guides

Step 1: Have Your Hearing Tested by Qualified Audiologist

Get your hearing tested by our qualified Audiologist, we will explain the degree and nature of your hearing loss in easy-to-understand language. Based on test results and case interview, we will be able to determine information about your specific wants, needs and lifestyle. Then, we will help you to choose the most suitable hearing aid through Step 2 to 3 later.

It is recommended to bring someone close to you when you visit our center, either a family member or a close friend. They will be able to offer you another perspective on how you are hearing in everyday life and support you to choose the right hearing aid.

Step 2: Choose the Best Style to Suit Your Needs

We will recommend the most suitable style of hearing aid to suit your needs based on the degree and nature of your hearing loss. We will also observe your motivation and correct your expectations when necessary. Other important considerations include personal preference, cosmetic appeal and manual dexterity. Hearing aid styles can be categorized into 5 groups:


  • Behind The Ear (BTE)

  • Receiver In The Canal (RIC) / Receiver In The Ear (RIE/ RITE)

  • In The Ear (ITE) / Full Shell 

  • In The Canal (ITC) / Half Shell

  • Completely In The Canal (CIC) / Invisible In The Canal (IIC)

Hearing Aid Styles

Step 3: Choose the Performance Level You Need

Once you have decided the style, you will need to choose between Basic, Medium and Premium performance levels. The price of hearing aid is usually range from RM2500 to RM16000 per unit. When knowing that is a huge range in pricing, it is very important to understand the features offered by the hearing aid at different price levels. Hearing aid pricing reflects its sound quality and performance. Hearing aid with superior features will work better in more challenging listening environments, such as in groups, meetings or halls, and other loud places where there is background noise. Evidence is always there to show you many users find listening is comfortable and effortless in challenging environments with premium technologies on their ears. 

hearing aid performance level.png
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