Hearing Aids


HANSATON EXCITE PRO - Hear like a Pro from soft to loud.



HANSATON’s newest platform, EXCITE Pro, and it’s cutting edge technologies open new doors in hearing aid technology. HANSATON’s latest HearIntelligence™ technologies tackle two of the most challenging areas facing people with hearing loss: loud, exciting surroundings and enjoying quiet conversations with friends. HANSATON’s smallest ever RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) AQ sound XC Pro R joins the series with Lithium-ion rechargeability, and direct connection to Apple and Android Bluetooth® phones.

OTICON OPN S - Proven brain hearing benefits.

You don’t hear with your ears, you hear with your brain. That’s why you need hearing aids that are fast enough to keep up with the brain. BrainHearing™ technology in OTICON Opn S scans the environment 100 times per second. This gives you constant access to 360° sounds to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.

Widex Moment.jpg

WIDEX MOMENT™ - Delivers the most pure, natural sound ever.



By changing the paradigm of sound with a revolutionary platform, the WIDEX MOMENT™ delivers the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid hits the eardrum later than direct sound, causing distorting artifacts and a metallic effect. So now hearing aid users can hear like before, from the very first moment.

REXTON M-CORE - Always hear what's important, automatically.



MotionCore (M-Core) technology features an integrated real-time motion sensor that detects your movements to even more accurately determine your hearing situation.

M-Core hearing aids can automatically recognize up to 20 times more individual hearing situations than previous models.

interton ready.jpg

INTERTON READY - New features make life easier for users.


INTERTON READY is built on the industry leading 2.4 GHz connectivity from GN Hearing, designed and engineered to make life easier for people with hearing loss. With its new Made for Apple feature, users can seamlessly stream calls and music directly from Apple devices to their hearing aids. The new Interton Sound™ app for both Apple and Android devices allows people to control and personalize their sound experience.