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Hearing Aids

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HANSATON STRATOS - Intelligent speech focus. 


HANSATON has achieved a new level of hearing performance thanks to improved innovations with STRATOS. Dynamic SpeechBeam works together with Intelligent NoiseReduction to help provide better opportunities for your clients to hear in acoustically challenging situations… like enjoying a relaxed conversation in the kitchen, while preparing a smoothie. 

OTICON MORE - Designed to support your brain.

Oticon More with BrainHearing technology takes hearing healthcare to a new level. It’s the world’s first hearing aid with a Deep Neural Network (DNN) embedded on the chip. The DNN is trained on 12 million real‑life sounds to give your brain more of the information it needs to decipher the intricate details of relevant sounds.

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WIDEX MOMENT™ - Delivers the most pure, natural sound ever.


By changing the paradigm of sound with a revolutionary platform, the WIDEX MOMENT™ delivers the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid hits the eardrum later than direct sound, causing distorting artifacts and a metallic effect. So now hearing aid users can hear like before, from the very first moment.

REXTON M-CORE - Always hear what's important, automatically.

MotionCore (M-Core) technology features an integrated real-time motion sensor that detects your movements to even more accurately determine your hearing situation.

M-Core hearing aids can automatically recognize up to 20 times more individual hearing situations than previous models.

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INTERTON READY - New features make life easier for users.


INTERTON READY is built on the industry leading 2.4 GHz connectivity from GN Hearing, designed and engineered to make life easier for people with hearing loss. With its new Made for Apple feature, users can seamlessly stream calls and music directly from Apple devices to their hearing aids. The new Interton Sound™ app for both Apple and Android devices allows people to control and personalize their sound experience.

ReSound ONE - Rediscovering the authentic sounds you love feels like second nature.


Get the truest sense of space and easily locate sounds with M&RIE, a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design. Resound's one-of-a-kind hearing aid enriches your daily sound environments with direction and depth. All Access Directionality automatically adjusts to your listening patterns, so you can feel at ease and engage effortlessly with others, even in noisy, challenging, and changing listening situations. With ReSound ONE™ you can forget you’re wearing hearing aids.

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