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Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

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Improve Noise Reduction

When wearing two hearing aids, you get sound inputs from your two ears. Human brain is able to compare inputs from two ears and suppress the noise to some extent. This means the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) can be improved. SNR is important for the hearing impaired to follow speech and maintain a conversation in noise.


Better Speech Understanding

Often, with just one hearing aid, many noises and words sound alike. But with two hearing aids, as with two ears, sounds are more distinguishable. It helps to enhance speech understanding in both quiet and noisy background.​

Better Sound Localization

By wearing two hearing aids, you will be able to tell the direction of sound easily. This is called localization. For example, localization allows you to hear from which direction someone is speaking to you. Also, localization helps you determine from which direction traffic is coming or where your children or grandchildren are playing.​


Better Sound Quality

When you listen to a stereo system, you use both speakers to get the smoothest, sharpest, most natural sound quality. The same can be said of hearing aids. By wearing two hearing aids, you increase your hearing range from 180 degrees reception with just one instrument, to 360 degrees. This greater range provides a better sense of balance and sound quality.

Loud Sound Is More Tolerable

​A lower volume control setting is required with two hearing aids when compared to the volume setting required for one hearing aid. This reduces the total volume of sound assaulting your ears, especially in noisy situations. As a result you will be able to tolerate louder sounds better. 

Reduce Hearing Fatigue

More binaural hearing aid users report that listening and participating in conversation is more enjoyable with two instruments, instead of just one. This is because they do not have to strain to hear with the better ear. Thus, binaural hearing makes life more relaxing.

Prevent Hearing Deprivation

When you keep both ears active with binaural hearing aids, it could decrease hearing loss deterioration and auditory deprivation. Most research indicates that when a single hearing aid is worn, the unaided ear tends to lose the ability to understand and hear.

Tinnitus Masking Effect

Hearing aid helps to mask tinnitus (ringing in your ears) or reduce the intensity of tinnitus. About 50% of people with tinnitus in their ears reported an improvement when wearing hearing aids. With one hearing aid, you can mask the tinnitus on the aided side, but not normally in the unaided ear. 

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